A Gift from Shelley to Winston

4133a-winston2bdetail2bresizedHi Bonnie….Well, here is a picture of my husband, Winston Quan’s scarf. I am wearing it as he takes better pictures than I do. I will eventually send you a picture of him wearing it , as he is an interesting character being partly Chinese and partly Cree Indian. I would not let him model the scarf as he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt which clashed with the scarf. He is of the opinion that men do not wear enough color and has made it his mission to wear as much color as possible. I , for one, am sick of his Hawaiian shirts and like to confiscate them whenever they get too worn and then weave them into placemats.

Well, here it is….

All the best to you!,


NOTE FROM BONNIE: above is the complementary draft that Shelley received after completing her own horoscope weaving.

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