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Sara Lamb and I decided to collaborate. We’d each weave a scarf using re-purposed cashmere yarn that my mother and I un-knitted from over 200 cashmere sweaters.

During the last 5 years of my mother’s life, she was unable to knit. Seeking an engaging yarn project for her, I hit … Continue Reading…

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Where’s Bonnie?



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Upcoming Show Promo Image Quandary

As I prepare for a couple of shows in April, I am working on some promotional images. The first show is a group show at Hangin Art Gallery and Cafe and opens on April 4. I will have 4 pieces–scarves/shawls and am trying out 1 image to show off all … Continue Reading…

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Three Shawls, One Color Horoscope Weaving Draft

I recently had the pleasure of visiting 3 Color Horoscope Weavings that live in Arizona. The first is a Color Horoscope Weaving is from 80’s

2.12.15.Carol's Original Horoscope

It was a 60″ square that Carol, the owner, folded diagonally and wore as a triangular shawl until it got retired to live as a … Continue Reading…

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Saori Weaving Down Memory Lane

2015 is the year I have taken on the ZYG challenge (Zero Yarn Growth). First I weave something from my stash, and then I buy some new yarn for my next project, then use yarn from my stash….etc. You get the picture. I recently saw an inspiring picture on the … Continue Reading…

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A Look at Woven Paper Collage

Way back in the 20th century when I was living in Seattle and at the height of my teaching “career”, I was searching for a hands-on activity  for weavers that could be accomplished in 3 hours.(the smallest block of time used by most weaving conferences). I wanted something that would … Continue Reading…

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Another New Weaver on the Saori Loom

Just a short little post to show off a beautiful new weaving by a beautiful new weaver, Ruth.


Ruth tied together some of my thrums to create the weft for her first (and hopefully not the last) weaving.China-Woods-sale-034

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Seasons Past– Botanical Weavings

botanicals resizedOne of my longtime pleasures is the creation of whimsical wall pieces woven from the dried remains of summer garden splendor.




It is such a change from my usual very colorful and functional weaving. Here are a few from this season. As the snow is falling and the … Continue Reading…

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Drunken Temari Balls

Historically, temari were constructed from the remnants of old kimonos. Pieces of silk fabric would be wadded up to form a ball, and then the wad would be wrapped with strips of fabric. As time passed, traditional temari became an art, with the functional stitching becoming more decorative and detailed, … Continue Reading…

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It’s Ornamental

It is also ironic to be thinking about how commercial the holiday season is and then make lots of things to sell during the holidays. Does it matter that my ornaments are one of kind and that I developed a wicked case of tendonitis? These may well be the last … Continue Reading…

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