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Where’s Bonnie?



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Yes, I am Still Alive

After a rather long break, here is weaving going on the loom! And now I begin the season of  Tencel, hopefully a fiber for all seasons. I’ll have to weave at least a dozen pieces before I know enough about Tencel. I remember that I turned my nose up when … Continue Reading…

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Fifteen Mintues of Fame

Here is a lovely article about me in the Missoula paper. Unfortunately they wanted to have the photographer come take my picture at the very moment when the movers arrived.

To top it off, my camera has become quite ill, so there are no pictures yet of the show, … Continue Reading…

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Milestones and Reflections

Today I celebrated my 70th birthday! Tomorrow clustermaps flips over marking 5 years of blogging. (give or take a couple of weeks). I plan to celebrate all year! There will be more on this in the coming weeks.

I recently wrote a piece for the Missoula Weavers Guild newsletter for … Continue Reading…

Too Busy to Blog

I love the blogging community! My 4 years of blogging has brought me more pleasure and friends than I could ever imagine. I have been struggling to keep up in the midst of so much change in my life. I can hardly believe that I will be moving again within … Continue Reading…

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Where to Pick up the Thread(s)

My 4th Blogaversary quietly came and went.
My actual birthday was celebrated.
I passed the 100 thousand visits to Weaving Spirit.
I am unsure of the direction I want to take the blog.
Weaving is happening slowly.
A truly amazing story continues to unfold. It is so amazing I don’t … Continue Reading…

Hanging Around Town

Back in 1975 when I was living in Missoula, I had an exhibition of my wall hangings—cleverly called Hanging Around Town. As I was doing some sorting back in Seattle, I happened upon the poster I made for the show. It is interesting to see where I was on … Continue Reading…

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Why Blog

It seems like ages since I last wrote. This year has felt so different. Time has moved so rapidly. I am now visiting my 91 year old mother on the East Coast, so I am away from my computer, looms and images. I did bring 15 cashmere sweaters with me … Continue Reading…

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Birthday Month

Some dates aren’t exactly today—but close enough.

My 68th birthday.
My 50th year of weaving.
My 8th year of Weight Watchers.
My 6th year of NIA.
My 3rd year of blogging.

It all adds up to a good year ahead—everything changes and everything stays the same.

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She’s Up, She’s Down, She’s Up Again

Every time I would focus on one part of my list, I would get immediately distracted. When I started having flu symptoms again, I knew it was time to postpone Thanksgiving. Now that I am feeling myself again, I got a crown put in my front tooth today. Things went … Continue Reading…