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Three Shawls, One Color Horoscope Weaving Draft

I recently had the pleasure of visiting 3 Color Horoscope Weavings that live in Arizona. The first is a Color Horoscope Weaving is from 80’s

2.12.15.Carol's Original Horoscope

It was a 60″ square that Carol, the owner, folded diagonally and wore as a triangular shawl until it got retired to live as a … Continue Reading…

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It’s Ornamental

It is also ironic to be thinking about how commercial the holiday season is and then make lots of things to sell during the holidays. Does it matter that my ornaments are one of kind and that I developed a wicked case of tendonitis? These may well be the last … Continue Reading…

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I realize I haven’t been keeping up, but it was either weave or blog. You know what won. Here is how I often wind an “Almost Ikat” warp. (lots of small bouts which I can arrange once I am at the loom)


It is most interesting to me to watch … Continue Reading…

Festival of Scarves

I was going to call this–A SCARF A DAY– but after 4 days, my back said to slow down. But let me tell you how difficult it is… The yarn is so beautiful! Thank you Mountain Colors!

And a weft of 3 shades of recycled cashmere (hereafter to be known … Continue Reading…

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Salt Lake Splendor

What an AMAZING workshop! I think it was my very best!

Everyone arrived with their horoscope warps on the loom and ready to go.
There were 15 students (my maximum), and what a great group of ladies!
Sadly I didn’t get good images of everyone at the loom (“good” is … Continue Reading…

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I couldn’t decide which image I liked the best, so here they all are.  The Buddha was the only model I could find. Please click here for previous details of scarf.

 Posing with blooming chives.

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It has been a mighty long time since I’ve done anything on the computer except for hanging out on FB and nothing much on the loom. Sometimes our journeys take us in unexpected directions.  So FINALLY I got out my purply and neutrally un-knitted cashmere and picked out 4 that … Continue Reading…

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Tencel—Learning and Teaching

What promises to be another phenomenal Weaving Conference begins tomorrow! Interestingly enough, this Conference is taking place on the University of Montana campus (in walking distance from my soon to be former residence (but that is a post for another day).

I will be teaching 2 one-day workshops: Intentional Design … Continue Reading…

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Surprise and Delight

Here is the next installment as promised. What you see below is where I am at this moment.

I am somewhat stymied as to weft selection.

So when in doubt, try them all!

I am particularly delighted with the patterns created by the variegated yarn. (especially when I think of … Continue Reading…

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Commission Inspires A New Palette

There is nothing like a new set a parameters to spark new ideas.

My client wants a shawl she take traveling with her—
1. light weight
2. neutral colors
3. with almost ikat
4. dimensions similar to this but the almost ikat shouldn’t be as blocky

She likes the look … Continue Reading…

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