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What Makes it All Worth It

There are hardly words to express my feeling when I look at these pictures. Merin selected the colors for her blanket–the first time I have had the opportunity to engage a youthful recipient in this way. This experiment was most satisfying for all concerned.

Can you just imagine how wonderful … Continue Reading… “What Makes it All Worth It”

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Perhaps Weaving Marathon would have been a better name for this event. After months of playing around with color wrappings, a palette was settled upon and I began winding a warp for a Blessing Blanket for a, soon to be, six year old.
I thought, perhaps, the girl was old … Continue Reading… “WEAVING RETREAT”

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Weave, Cut, Knot, Trim, Wash, Dry

Oops, no picture of me weaving, but you get the idea. Taking up the scissors is always so exciting!

Yes, so very exciting! And a little scarey too.

And then the first look…

The lighting in my place doesn’t always cooperate with my schedule.

ah, the knotting is done, but … Continue Reading… “Weave, Cut, Knot, Trim, Wash, Dry”

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A Fabulous Big Blanket for an Amazing Little Person

What a wonderful way to celebrate a day of gratitude!

I don’t really have words, but I just had to share this picture with you. Imagine sleeping wrapped in the blessings of your family.

Parents report that Maya goes right to sleep as soon as she is wrapped up in … Continue Reading… “A Fabulous Big Blanket for an Amazing Little Person”

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Blessing Baby Blanket Complete and Shipped

For some reason, the computer would not let me make a post last night, but here is the blanket moments before I raced off to FedEx for a Monday delivery on the East Coast.

The finished measurements are 40″ x 64″ plus fringe. My plan had been to hem the … Continue Reading… “Blessing Baby Blanket Complete and Shipped”

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First Weaving in my New Home

I don’t have the energy to write much. I feel like I have been running a marathon.

Ah, the thrill of victory…..
The dimensions before washing—44.5″ x 72″. I wove some extra which I planned to trim off when I hemmed the blanket after washing and drying in the machine. … Continue Reading… “First Weaving in my New Home”

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Weaving With Intention

The focus is on “intention”. The blessings I receive from the client are qualities they desire to wrap around the baby in a permanent “hug” rather than something for the baby to grow into.

I was going to tell you all about how I was 60 heddles short when I … Continue Reading… “Weaving With Intention”

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Blessing Baby Blanket

I don’t recall what I was thinking when I accepted a weaving commission due on October 1, but I did.

The family selected 18 blessing words (and 9 colors) and requested a blanket 40″ x 48″. A blanket with that many words would have to be 80″ wide. The family … Continue Reading… “Blessing Baby Blanket”

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Blessing Baby Blanket

Let’s begin at the beginning.

Part Gift/Part Commission—-A Baby Blanket

Instead of a Color Horoscope Weaving Baby Blanket, I thought it would be delightful to create a baby blanket of blessings in Woven Words, one from each of the new baby’s close relatives.

Ten blessing words were gathered … Continue Reading… “Blessing Baby Blanket”