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Upcoming Show Promo Image Quandary

As I prepare for a couple of shows in April, I am working on some promotional images. The first show is a group show at Hangin Art Gallery and Cafe and opens on April 4. I will have 4 pieces–scarves/shawls and am trying out 1 image to show off all … Continue Reading…

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Ah, the palette is cleared

I have to say that after all these years, these moments remain some of my favorite.

In case you haven’t been following, this is my own horoscope woven in 8/2 Tencel. I love to experiment with weft colors and ended up using a variegated Tencel that gives and added dimension. … Continue Reading…

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 I had such a good time with the last Tencel horoscope weaving that I posted it on FB and got a request for another. For some reason, the image of the weaving in process did not upload, so you will just see—coming down the home stretch (above) and my favorite … Continue Reading…

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Tencel—Learning and Teaching

What promises to be another phenomenal Weaving Conference begins tomorrow! Interestingly enough, this Conference is taking place on the University of Montana campus (in walking distance from my soon to be former residence (but that is a post for another day).

I will be teaching 2 one-day workshops: Intentional Design … Continue Reading…

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Problem Solved

The secret to posting with images is to use Explorer rather than FireFox.

I am trying out various colors and formats to see what I like. I am running into a problem I will soon figure out is how to move the images around. The usual cut and paste doesn’t … Continue Reading…

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Chenille, The Pet You Don’t Have to Feed

Actually, this blanket was a commissioned piece entitled THE RESULTS OF HAVING FALLEN INTO A PIT OF CHENILLE

Each square is the sample end of a chenille scarf I wove during a five year period leading up to the millennium.

What I know about weaving with chenille I learned during … Continue Reading…

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Chenille, My Old Friend

Here I am having taught 2 workshop already this year, about to teach one this weekend (all 3 local), and preparing to head down to San Luis Obispo to teach a new (in name and focus) workshop called INTENTIONAL DESIGN. I will talk more about this in another post, but … Continue Reading…

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Stash Reduction/Stash Expansion: ZYG in 2012

How to achieve ZYG–Zero Yarn Growth:

I don’t have a huge yarn stash, but I certainly do have one. Over the years, one acquires yarn to precious to use up or trade away. Because I have moved 3 times in as many years, I have de-stashed quite a bit, but … Continue Reading…

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Just Our Yarn Does it Again!

Several years ago, I came upon a lovely yarn company—JUST OUR YARN.

I wove a couple of delicious horoscope weavings and made some delightful wrappings with the yarn. I even overdyed in Turned Weft Ikat, and then I put the rest of the yarn away (I knew I had … Continue Reading…

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Cashmere Stash in Studio

Before I begin the weaving, I decided a complete inventory of my cashmere was necessary. I haven’t weighed my stash, but it is juicy.

Since the warp is so busy, I think a neutral would be the best weft. I sent the picture below to Paula, the recipient, and she … Continue Reading…

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