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Another Mother and a Bunch of Babies

Lunatic Fringe Yarns

proudly presents…

The Tubular Spectrum

12 Color Kit


Designed especially for Bonnie Tarses’ horoscope workshop!

The kit contains 1 ½ ounces (400 yards) of each of these colors;

5 Purple

5 Red Purple

5 Red

10 Red

5 Yellow Red

10 Yellow Red

5 Yellow


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Now A Step to the Side

I don’t really understand why these pictures have come up in reverse order, but I don’t have time to fiddle with it, or start over. I will just have to tell the story backwards. Here is a detail of what is currently on the loom. The warp is Bambu 12 … Continue Reading…

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Oodles of Bamboo

Imagine the pleasure of opening this box of yarn! Good friends did much of the packing ( I mean really good friends). They did such a wonderful job.

I had wound this warp before I moved, so it was ready and waiting for me (and Gary). I had been weaving … Continue Reading…

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At the Plaid Llama

I did well at the sale this year. There’s nothing quite like clearing the decks. Once I get started…
Change is in the air…

I came home with many less boxes, and today I got a call from a woman who is coming Sunday to pick up the remaining 50 … Continue Reading…

More Tests

It has been a busy couple of days, what with becoming another year older and all. I only had time to run a couple more colors through. For me it ends up being like smelling different perfumes—after 3, I can’t tell the difference.

In the bottom right corner of the … Continue Reading…

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The Second Time’s a Charm

I delivered the shawl this evening, and it was very well received. I must admit it was hard to let it go (on one hand) and a great relief to be able to cross it off my list (on the other hand)

I really liked this picture although I had … Continue Reading…

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More Promised Pics

Here is the sweet little Bambu 7 and recycled cashmere scarf all washed and ready to go. These aren’t my usual colors, but I wanted a chance to use the pink and lavender cashmere. I did notice after I washed this piece that the different weights of cashmere caused the … Continue Reading…

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Towel Experiment

The skeins of 8/2 cotton are from Dye Day #5. The cones of colored yarn are also 8/2 cotton although it looks and feels quite different. Just for the hell of it, I decided I would try combining the two in a short towel warp to see if the … Continue Reading…

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Integrating Panel #5 of The Big Commission

Panel #5 is the horizontal purpley one closest to you. These pictures are just my beginning to experiment with the placement of the panels.

It’s quite exciting to see this puzzle start to take shape. Since I haven’t written anything down or taken any notes (except for the dimensions of Continue Reading…

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Dye Day #5 The Drying

The sun came out for a brief instant, and I caught this moment with my handy camera. Notice my sophisticated drying rack. I pulled the skeins inside this morning since they were still not dry. It’s been 4 days now, but who’s counting. I haven’t turned on my heat yet, … Continue Reading…

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