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 Begin with LOVE…..

If you want to see all the steps, go here.

I am really too tired to be doing this, but I just had to share.


I wish I could say that each of the 108 is different, but alas there are some duplicates. 


All ready to … Continue Reading…

Words Cannot Describe…..

There is so much to “tell”, but I am starting off with the “show” part—enjoy!

These are the last 5 pictures in the series, something besides me decided I am supposed to show the last pictures first.

From the natural-dyed silk warp to the recycled cashmere weft, each thread was … Continue Reading…

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Weaving Together

Here are some images I like that didn’t make it into the earlier posts.

Sharmila and I look at our weavings at the same time on opposite sides of the world.

Hands working together……
This doesn’t really relate to the Dalai Lama weaving except that I happened to bring the … Continue Reading…

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Buddha Garden Weaving Day #2

Did I mention that my daughter in spirit is weaving a rendition of the Dalai Lama’s horoscope in Hyderabad India at the very same moment that I am weaving at the Buddha Garden in Montana?

Here is just one of several pictures that she sent me. Isn’t it wonderful! We … Continue Reading…

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Warping in the Garden

It is a most interesting experience warping a loom outside on a windy day. I had to give up trying to keep the threads aligned as they went around the back beam.

It is equally interesting to realize I forgot to bring the lease sticks I usually use to support … Continue Reading…

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The Journey Begins—

Where is the line between excitement and hysteria (grin)?

Grace is happily packed and ready to go.

Onward into the future….

The trip was somewhat of a blur, and in the next post I will be of my initial visit to the Garden. I didn’t take a single picture during … Continue Reading…

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Weaving in the Garden— Final Preparations

I wound the Dalai Lama warp all the way back on the warp beam. I wrapped a nice towel around it all and secured the lease sticks in place. I have never done this before. It should work though.

Awaiting the arrival of the chariot.
Grace and Gary have changed … Continue Reading…

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Weaving in the Garden— More Preparations

I really am leaving early tomorrow morning (grin).

The silk is wound into balls.

The 5 yard lengths (360 of them) are all counted out.

Here is the first view of the Dalai Lama’s horoscope.

The threads are put in order.

And now you have a better look at what … Continue Reading…

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Giving and Receivingand Planning and Sampling

Before I begin, please check out the Color Horoscope Weaving Booth by Cotton Clouds at Convergence.

Again I was talking with Roberta about my trials in finding a new apartment, and she said “Why don’t you move back to Montana?” I COULDN’T DO THAT! I replied emphatically. But I decided … Continue Reading…

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Garden of 1,000 Buddhas Part 2

When I first thought about creating this special weaving, I thought I would weave the Dalai Lama’s horoscope here in Seattle. While I was weaving my towel project, I got the idea of performing the Weaving actually in the Garden (outdoors, I have never woven outdoors). As soon as this … Continue Reading…

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