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Drunken Temari Balls

Historically, temari were constructed from the remnants of old kimonos. Pieces of silk fabric would be wadded up to form a ball, and then the wad would be wrapped with strips of fabric. As time passed, traditional temari became an art, with the functional stitching becoming more decorative and detailed, … Continue Reading…

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It’s been a while, and it will be more of a while as I circulate through my “RE” phase. I have had much to ponder as I shuffle through the shifting scenarios of the past month. I am not gone yet, and I hope to have words and images before … Continue Reading…

Stash Reduction/Stash Expansion: ZYG in 2012

How to achieve ZYG–Zero Yarn Growth:

I don’t have a huge yarn stash, but I certainly do have one. Over the years, one acquires yarn to precious to use up or trade away. Because I have moved 3 times in as many years, I have de-stashed quite a bit, but … Continue Reading…

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Involved in my Work

I’ve been working on getting ready to show some of my woven paper. I need to present a short bio with a picture. Most of my pictures seem to focus more on my cloth weaving, and it was suggested that I find an image that relates to the work I … Continue Reading…

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Origami Boxorama

In searching for the perfect little square box to house the 72 mini self portraits, I recalled some little folded boxes I learned to make at a Seattle Weavers Guild (hands-on) meeting. Interestingly enough, I brought one with me in my recent move. I must have known I would need … Continue Reading…

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Dalai Lama Weaving and Sunflowers

Although I brought the Dalai Lama weaving with me on my trip to the East Coast, I didn’t show it around very much.

But when I got to these magical fields…well, you get the picture.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the move, I look at this picture and can’t help … Continue Reading…

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Words Cannot Describe…..

There is so much to “tell”, but I am starting off with the “show” part—enjoy!

These are the last 5 pictures in the series, something besides me decided I am supposed to show the last pictures first.

From the natural-dyed silk warp to the recycled cashmere weft, each thread was … Continue Reading…

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Garden of 1,000 Buddhas Part

My dear friend Roberta sent me this little movie a couple of months ago. After watching it, I decided to Weave the Dalai Lama’s horoscope as donation to help raise money for the completion of the garden. Once I made this decision, my life began to change in ways I … Continue Reading…

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Making a Memory

When I lost my very dear friend, Sue, I wanted to create a “memory words” wall piece to present to her mother.

At the memorial service, I collected a list of memory words.


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Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m weaving away on my Birthday. (and it is going along really well!). One of the very best things about ikat-like warps in plain weave is the delight in watching a design unfold. Since I never make a sketch ahead of time, I am surprised at every inch, so much … Continue Reading…

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