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Gary’s Last Words

As my moving date looms large (pun intended), it seems that in order for me to move into the apartment of my dreams—Gary will not be able to make the move with me. As I wove the words ADVENTURE/LOVE/LAUGH/CLARITY, it became clear to me that Gary was ready to have … Continue Reading…

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Now A Step to the Side

I don’t really understand why these pictures have come up in reverse order, but I don’t have time to fiddle with it, or start over. I will just have to tell the story backwards. Here is a detail of what is currently on the loom. The warp is Bambu 12 … Continue Reading…

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Progress at St Mark’s

Ev and Diane weaving

Big excitement! Action! The first panels of the altar cloth come off the loom. Here are three wise people: the photographer, the priest, and the weaver.

I always think this is the hardest part–releasing the warp from the front bar. I am always so excited at … Continue Reading…

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Summer Weaving Project at St Marks

A loom donated to St Mark’s by Janet Fesq and one loaned by Bonnie Tarses have been moved into the nave at St Mark’s. On July 10, Bonnie and Ev warped the 2 looms. One will be used to weave both a white and a green altarcloth. The other
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Centinela Traditional Arts

For decades people have asked me, “Have you ever been to Santa Fe? There is lots of weaving there.”

The only reason I can give for not having gone to Santa Fe before now is that I just wasn’t ready.

Oops, I accidentally erased the first picture of the sign … Continue Reading…

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Unusual Towel Exchange, Woven Labels and Loom Trouble

There is this big wind storm going on outside. Hopefully I won’t lose power. The beautiful towel I received from Maureen McGuinness acts as the backdrop for my part of the exchange. Several months ago Maureen (long before the towel exchange) asked me if I had any of my wrapped … Continue Reading…

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Meet Gary

About 10 years ago I decided I had earned a Fireside loom. The loom is cherry wood (horse logged by Amish loggers in the Midwest) 48″wide 8 harness and a custom tilted commuter bench.

In the 10 years I have only used all 8 harnesses once. I finally had to … Continue Reading…

Meet Grace

Let me introduce you to Grace, my 32″ 4 harness Gilmore. I don’t usually name my tools, but I found her at a college that was selling off all of their looms. At the time I had just one loom since my studio is rather small. Grace was so compact … Continue Reading…