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New Camera, New House, New Class, New Show

But not necessarily in that order!

First let me mention my upcoming class at John C Campbell Folk School. The class runs from Sunday September 16th- Saturday September 22nd and is called Color Horoscope Weaving—the Ultimate Color Experience. (INTERESTINGLY AS I AM WRITING THIS, I SEE A DOUBLE RAINBOW … Continue Reading…

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It’s Hard to Hit a Moving Target

I’m on the move again. I just had to take a break though and share my THIRD ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF MOVING. The movers come on Tuesday, and I am far from ready.

The good news is that Grace and Gary will be reunited.

More good news is that I only … Continue Reading…

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The Shifting Whispering Studio

So I had been weaving for a full 10 minutes when the downstairs neighbor came knocking on my door. She said that it sounded like an army marching on her head. I knew this might be a possibility as jack looms tend to be somewhat loud (and after living here … Continue Reading…

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And the Weave Goes On

Here is my new Grace-full studio. Gary, as you know, is living elsewhere for the foreseeable future.
My first piece in the new studio will be a Bambu 12 Woven Words scarf with the words
(fittingly) GRACE/RELEASE. I like to do a wrapping before I wind a warp. It gives … Continue Reading…

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Endings and Beginnings

Weaving delivered to happy owner. I know some have asked about the piece in the background, but for now you will just have to speculate.

I will not bother to show you another round of packing and loading and hauling and moving, but here is an arty shot of my … Continue Reading…

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The Very Last Words

It was very exciting using words I normally wouldn’t have chosen OR colors I wouldn’t have chosen.
But I just love it.
The most exciting moment—yet again.

So as Gary’s last warp slowly sinks in the West, we begin our farewell to the little house.

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Gary’s Last Words

As my moving date looms large (pun intended), it seems that in order for me to move into the apartment of my dreams—Gary will not be able to make the move with me. As I wove the words ADVENTURE/LOVE/LAUGH/CLARITY, it became clear to me that Gary was ready to have … Continue Reading…

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Too Busy to Blog

I love the blogging community! My 4 years of blogging has brought me more pleasure and friends than I could ever imagine. I have been struggling to keep up in the midst of so much change in my life. I can hardly believe that I will be moving again within … Continue Reading…

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I’m in Montana Now

I’ll be resurfacing soon. I’m much beyond this point. In fact I am actually setting up the loom. I wasn’t sure I would be able to make a blog post as I am unable to send email (although I do receive it). More to follow……

It may be cloudy in … Continue Reading…

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Weaving in the Garden— Final Preparations

I wound the Dalai Lama warp all the way back on the warp beam. I wrapped a nice towel around it all and secured the lease sticks in place. I have never done this before. It should work though.

Awaiting the arrival of the chariot.
Grace and Gary have changed … Continue Reading…

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