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Giving and Receivingand Planning and Sampling

Before I begin, please check out the Color Horoscope Weaving Booth by Cotton Clouds at Convergence.

Again I was talking with Roberta about my trials in finding a new apartment, and she said “Why don’t you move back to Montana?” I COULDN’T DO THAT! I replied emphatically. But I decided … Continue Reading…

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Independence Day

Life continues to sail along at an amazing clip. When am I moving? The official date is August 31 to be out of this place. Where am I moving? …yet to be determined. I am attempting to stay open to all possibilities and pray for the doors to open that … Continue Reading…

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Now A Step to the Side

I don’t really understand why these pictures have come up in reverse order, but I don’t have time to fiddle with it, or start over. I will just have to tell the story backwards. Here is a detail of what is currently on the loom. The warp is Bambu 12 … Continue Reading…

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Summer Weaving Project at St Marks

A loom donated to St Mark’s by Janet Fesq and one loaned by Bonnie Tarses have been moved into the nave at St Mark’s. On July 10, Bonnie and Ev warped the 2 looms. One will be used to weave both a white and a green altarcloth. The other
Continue Reading…
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A Touch of Order Amid the Chaos

From within my cedar chest came the call of the Bamboo/Cashmere blanket panels–so decorative–so wanting to be completed. This will be the first order of business in the creative arena. The blanket will provide the perfect project to balance out the unpacking process.

And, of course, I had to display … Continue Reading…

In the Door

See my office
Some might mistake this space as an alcove. Believe it or not, my computer is now set up in this space although it doesn’t look much different.

These pictures were taken right when I moved in—a week ago!

And this this my kitchen! I have finally unearthed … Continue Reading…

Out the Door

One last look at Gary and Grace’s old home

I am writing from my new place, but I was having trouble uploading all the pictures. I will try again later. I am now into the next phase, unpacking.

I won’t bore you with all of the details, but the Festival … Continue Reading…

Reverse Decorating

Packing offers the opportunity to decorate in reverse.
Take away the things that do not relate to the current life.
Here is the scarf collection I’ve woven since I begin the process of moving.
(Actually there are 3 more I didn’t photograph)
These are all Woven Words, bamboo warp and … Continue Reading…

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Loom Humor

Who knew what would happen if you dropped the first and last letters from the name TARSES? As I was tossing out paper, I found this old poster from when I was selling at craft fairs. Not wanting to throw away a perfectly good piece of paper, I used it … Continue Reading…

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As I move through my soon to be old apartment, I notice stuff starting to collect into piles.

Here is a small pile of un-knitted cashmere scraps. If there is a spinner out there who wants me to save and send thses, let me know.

Then I have piles of … Continue Reading…