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Moving Spirit

A lush experiment completed
From left to right:
All the warps are Bambu 12 (each end doubled)
1. Sett 24 epi (before wash) 7 1/4 x 72 (after wash) 7 x 63
2. Sett 20 epi (before wash) 8 1/2 x 76 3/4 (after wash) 7 3/8 x 66
3. … Continue Reading…

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Moving–Step 1–Virtual Yard Sale

I had to start somewhere, so I just went through all of my weaving and crafty type books. These are the ones that will not make the move with me. I just looked each one up on Amazon to get the bottom and top price for all of these used … Continue Reading…

Ta Dah!

It’s really real! I looked out my window today and saw the sold sign. I knew it was in the works, but until you actually see the sign….I couldn’t bring myself to give you a blow by blow account. All I could do was go back to the looms … Continue Reading…

Waiting for my New Nikon Coolpix P5100

I knew I needed a new camera, but I loved my little Coolpix 3100 and couldn’t seem to retire it. I gave the camera to my young friend Mayukh who was returning to Hyderabad. I asked him to take pictures of his life there, so I can see everything he … Continue Reading…

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More Out of the Closet

I can hardly believe I had this huge ceder chest in my closet.

Here is the space I was moving the chest into.

I also can’t believe I was muscling this furniture around by myself (and only sustained one small bruise)
It’s starting to look normal.

The alpaca rug in … Continue Reading…

In and Out of the Closet

I’m still mucking around in my closets, but I had to take an afternoon off and spend a little time in the studio.
This warp is 3 words— (left to right) FAMILY, FRIENDS, GOOD HEALTH. These words were sent to me by an old friend who is a long term … Continue Reading…

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Next Steps

These pictures are all slightly out of focus, but then so am I.
For all of you who think my studio is so tidy, check out this closet. It really was much worse than this, but I have already hauled out stuff. A weaving friend came by yesterday and purchased … Continue Reading…

Change is in the Air

Here is the extraneous sheets and blankets from the linen closet.

And here is the closet now. The pink basket on the left is my dirty laundry (full disclosure)

Well, Valerie you asked. I’M MOVING

I must have read Sandra’s blog too closely. And where are my weaving studio Continue Reading…