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Where’s Bonnie?



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Seasons Past– Botanical Weavings

botanicals resizedOne of my longtime pleasures is the creation of whimsical wall pieces woven from the dried remains of summer garden splendor.




It is such a change from my usual very colorful and functional weaving. Here are a few from this season. As the snow is falling and the … Continue Reading…

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Dalai Lama Weaving and Sunflowers

Although I brought the Dalai Lama weaving with me on my trip to the East Coast, I didn’t show it around very much.

But when I got to these magical fields…well, you get the picture.

Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the move, I look at this picture and can’t help … Continue Reading…

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First Pictures out of Coolpix

Between condo selling and apartment hunting, it’s time to point and shoot.
These pictures were all taken at the same time using all the same auto setting. I wanted to get an idea of the kind of pictures this camera takes. I must say I am pleased with the color … Continue Reading…

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First Sign of Spring

In my urban patio setting here in Northwestern USA, it is not too early to find the volunteer hearty Wood Hyacinth getting a jump on the season. Apparently squirrels do not care for their taste as they devoured all of my crocus.

Here are some other volunteers, those big aromatic … Continue Reading…