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Salt Lake Splendor

What an AMAZING workshop! I think it was my very best!

Everyone arrived with their horoscope warps on the loom and ready to go.
There were 15 students (my maximum), and what a great group of ladies!
Sadly I didn’t get good images of everyone at the loom (“good” is … Continue Reading…

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Saori Santa Cruz

“Consider the difference between a person and a machine”

Saori Weaving and the Saori loom is the polar opposite of the Jaquard loom. My visit to Saori Santa Cruz truly rounded out my total weaving experience.

I am sorry I didn’t take any pictures of the exterior of this … Continue Reading…

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A Good Picture is Worth 1000…….

One of the delightful, amazing and eye-catching pieces in Sandra’s studio, is her transforming an old family photo into a weaving. Sandra took me through the whole process.

This is a close-up look at the satin-weave structure (and Sandra as a little girl)

One of the things about looking at … Continue Reading…

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Visit to a Consummate Complex Weaver

Following the presentation at the Central Coast Weavers, Sandra Rude whisked me away for an exciting visit to her studio.

It was amazing to see the marriage of computer, loom, and cloth so elegantly orchestrated by Sandra.

Although I rarely dabble in any weave structure more complicated than a simple … Continue Reading…

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Just Our Yarn Does it Again!

Several years ago, I came upon a lovely yarn company—JUST OUR YARN.

I wove a couple of delicious horoscope weavings and made some delightful wrappings with the yarn. I even overdyed in Turned Weft Ikat, and then I put the rest of the yarn away (I knew I had … Continue Reading…

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Weaving Spirit, Weaving Spirit, Weaving Spirit

For some reason the other day, I googled Weaving Spirit. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a website called Weaving Spirit. Curious, I clicked on it to discover a website (happily it has to do with weaving) newly (this year) added to helping weavers by selling products produced in … Continue Reading…

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Big Loom Country and More Weaving

I had the great pleasure of visiting and having lunch with Barbara Hand (and I believe introducing her to the blogasphere and visa versa). It seems that Barbara has been so busy weaving on this 13 ft. Glimakra that she hasn’t gotten around to blogging about it. I am sure … Continue Reading…

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Peggy Osterkamp Does it Again!

Whether you are a new weaver or an experienced weaver, a weaving student or a weaving teacher here is a must have new book for your library! WEAVING FOR BEGINNERS (an illustrated guide) by Peggy Osterkamp

I can’t say enough positive things about Peggy’s latest book. It tells absolutely everythingContinue Reading…

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Eighty Inches

I didn’t mean to ham it up, but I got so distracted getting ready to head out to WARP early tomorrow morning that I forgot to post the length of the Georgia O’Keeffe Bambu 12 Horoscope Shawl (or take any pictures). I am taking my camera along, so perhaps I … Continue Reading…

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Weave A Real Peace

Weave a Real Peace (WARP) serves as a catalyst for improving the quality of life of textile artisans in communities-in-need.
I recently joined WARP and am preparing to attend their annual meeting being held at Spirit in the Desert just outside of Phoenix.

I have heard about WARP for years, … Continue Reading…

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