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Salish Peace

I went off to weave and left my image card in the computer. I snapped pics merrily, and now they are trapped in the camera until I can retrieve the chord that plugs into my camera with USB port to the computer. But there were some juicy pics I can’t … Continue Reading…

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New Camera, New House, New Class, New Show

But not necessarily in that order!

First let me mention my upcoming class at John C Campbell Folk School. The class runs from Sunday September 16th- Saturday September 22nd and is called Color Horoscope Weaving—the Ultimate Color Experience. (INTERESTINGLY AS I AM WRITING THIS, I SEE A DOUBLE RAINBOW … Continue Reading…

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Origami Boxorama

In searching for the perfect little square box to house the 72 mini self portraits, I recalled some little folded boxes I learned to make at a Seattle Weavers Guild (hands-on) meeting. Interestingly enough, I brought one with me in my recent move. I must have known I would need … Continue Reading…

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Words Cannot Describe…..

There is so much to “tell”, but I am starting off with the “show” part—enjoy!

These are the last 5 pictures in the series, something besides me decided I am supposed to show the last pictures first.

From the natural-dyed silk warp to the recycled cashmere weft, each thread was … Continue Reading…

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Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m weaving away on my Birthday. (and it is going along really well!). One of the very best things about ikat-like warps in plain weave is the delight in watching a design unfold. Since I never make a sketch ahead of time, I am surprised at every inch, so much … Continue Reading…

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Best Effort

I am calling this good. Bear and blanket will get shipped off tomorrow. Gary is waving goodbye. (for now)

Tomorrow I will present was is going on Gary the loom, who has not been idle for a minute.

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Getting Cl;oser

Just a few tweaks, and I think I’ll have a picture I will be happy with.

In this one, I altered the color and contrast a bit, but I don’t know if it really is an improvement. Irene, of Cotton Clouds suggested I straighten Gary’s bow tie. It’s funny the … Continue Reading…

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Gary Visits Gary

The Great Gary Grr Bear has flown up from Arizona to do a photo shoot. Before I could turn around, Gary the Bear had leaped up on Gary the Loom. I decided to wait until daylight to attempt to take some enticing pictures.

The picture below is NOT one of … Continue Reading…

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Bear Hunt

Now that the baby blanket is all ready to ship to Cotton Clouds (except for creating an enticing picture of blanket with teddy bear). Who has a teddy bear? It turns out that my neighbor down the hall has one, although this adorable bear just isn’t right. The perfect bear … Continue Reading…

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