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Salish Peace

I went off to weave and left my image card in the computer. I snapped pics merrily, and now they are trapped in the camera until I can retrieve the chord that plugs into my camera with USB port to the computer. But there were some juicy pics I can’t … Continue Reading…

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New Show at the Hangin Art Gallery

So besides moving (during a hail storm) and sitting in the middle of a mountain of boxes, I am the featured artist in a show opening on Saturday. Now to stop unpacking and posting, and get busy writing my artist statement. I think I am even going to be in … Continue Reading…

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Origami Boxorama

In searching for the perfect little square box to house the 72 mini self portraits, I recalled some little folded boxes I learned to make at a Seattle Weavers Guild (hands-on) meeting. Interestingly enough, I brought one with me in my recent move. I must have known I would need … Continue Reading…

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Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m weaving away on my Birthday. (and it is going along really well!). One of the very best things about ikat-like warps in plain weave is the delight in watching a design unfold. Since I never make a sketch ahead of time, I am surprised at every inch, so much … Continue Reading…

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Cashmere Stash in Studio

Before I begin the weaving, I decided a complete inventory of my cashmere was necessary. I haven’t weighed my stash, but it is juicy.

Since the warp is so busy, I think a neutral would be the best weft. I sent the picture below to Paula, the recipient, and she … Continue Reading…

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Getting Cl;oser

Just a few tweaks, and I think I’ll have a picture I will be happy with.

In this one, I altered the color and contrast a bit, but I don’t know if it really is an improvement. Irene, of Cotton Clouds suggested I straighten Gary’s bow tie. It’s funny the … Continue Reading…

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I’ve Fallen Into Photoshop Elements 8 and I Can’t Get Out

Words cannot express my excitement as I create Conceptual Quilts from my weaving images! Gary and Grace are weeping on the far side of my studio. They call to me, but the computer has plugged into my brain. The “power of repeat” cannot be denied. Resistance is futile.

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Photoshop Elements 8 for the Holidays

Breanne, my PSE mentor, did this while I told her what I wanted to happen.

Then she went home, (Breanne is also a knitter. She borrowed my Cricket RH loom— he, he, he) and then I did this. Layers has totally eluded me for years.

At the Northwest Designer Craftmen Continue Reading…

On Holiday

It would seem that I am on vacation, but I will be back.

Here is a detail of a piece I call “The Results of Having Fallen into a Pit of Chenille”, a 60″ square throw made from the ends of chenille scarves I wove over a period of 5 … Continue Reading…