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Sara Lamb and I decided to collaborate. We’d each weave a scarf using re-purposed cashmere yarn that my mother and I un-knitted from over 200 cashmere sweaters.

During the last 5 years of my mother’s life, she was unable to knit. Seeking an engaging yarn project for her, I hit … Continue Reading… “A WARP INSPIRED COLLABORATION”

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Festival of Scarves

I was going to call this–A SCARF A DAY– but after 4 days, my back said to slow down. But let me tell you how difficult it is… The yarn is so beautiful! Thank you Mountain Colors!

And a weft of 3 shades of recycled cashmere (hereafter to be known … Continue Reading… “Festival of Scarves”

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Clearing the pallette

Yes, it’s true! I can weave without color. I call it clearing the palette. It is quite refreshing, actually.

Many years ago, a lovey gentleman gave me 50 cashmere sweaters to recycle. In exchange I was to weave him scarves. I had woven him 3 scarves, but there was still … Continue Reading… “Clearing the pallette”

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I couldn’t decide which image I liked the best, so here they all are.  The Buddha was the only model I could find. Please click here for previous details of scarf.

 Posing with blooming chives.

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It has been a mighty long time since I’ve done anything on the computer except for hanging out on FB and nothing much on the loom. Sometimes our journeys take us in unexpected directions.  So FINALLY I got out my purply and neutrally un-knitted cashmere and picked out 4 that … Continue Reading… “WHEN YOU’RE HOT, YOU’RE HOT. WHEN YOU’RE NOT, YOU’RE NOT”

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The weather has greatly improved, and TA DA, the tencel/cashmere shawl is completed and delivered.

And I already got a jump on the next Color Horoscope Weaving.

 Once again I am using tencel. I had some tension problems on the last piece, so we’ll see if I managed to iron … Continue Reading… “TA DA!”

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 Amazing weather out there, so what’s a gal to do? Weave, of course!

This is my first Color Horoscope Weaving with Tencel warp (and recycled cashmere weft). I have done a few sample pieces wanting to see if I am able to launder in the washing machine and dry in … Continue Reading… “AS THE BLIZZARD, SO THE SHUTTLE”

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Perhaps Weaving Marathon would have been a better name for this event. After months of playing around with color wrappings, a palette was settled upon and I began winding a warp for a Blessing Blanket for a, soon to be, six year old.
I thought, perhaps, the girl was old … Continue Reading… “WEAVING RETREAT”

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Weave, Cut, Knot, Trim, Wash, Dry

Oops, no picture of me weaving, but you get the idea. Taking up the scissors is always so exciting!

Yes, so very exciting! And a little scarey too.

And then the first look…

The lighting in my place doesn’t always cooperate with my schedule.

ah, the knotting is done, but … Continue Reading… “Weave, Cut, Knot, Trim, Wash, Dry”

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A Personal Weaving Retreat

On Christmas morning I will begin weaving a Blessing Blanket

With all of the free flowing joy and celebration happening, I decided to use the energy to weave at this time. I have never spent Christmas in a personal weaving retreat, but it will surely be a joyous celebration. Take … Continue Reading… “A Personal Weaving Retreat”

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