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How I Spent My…Swine Flu

As my symptoms very slowly recede in the West, I say a fond farewell to the pile of cashmere sweaters patiently awaiting deconstruction.

It takes me between 2-4 hours to prepare a sweater to send to the un-knitting factory (really my 91 year old mother). Each of the rolled pieces … Continue Reading…

So Do I Ever Get to Weave

I thought this was a very nice picture. I had laid out the Mary Meigs Atwater weaving on my table (to cut strips to include in my Color Horoscope Weaving Instructions Packets). I got carried away and started playing with my wrapped birthday blessing words.

Then I started playing around … Continue Reading…

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Ninty Lavender Sachets

Ready to be inventoried and tagged—which is no small job.

I want to design and create a splendid hang tag that will explain about the recycled cashmere and Woven Words. I do not have a graphics program on my computer, so I going to do the layout by hand.

Onward!… Continue Reading…

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Another Mother and a Bunch of Babies

Lunatic Fringe Yarns

proudly presents…

The Tubular Spectrum

12 Color Kit


Designed especially for Bonnie Tarses’ horoscope workshop!

The kit contains 1 ½ ounces (400 yards) of each of these colors;

5 Purple

5 Red Purple

5 Red

10 Red

5 Yellow Red

10 Yellow Red

5 Yellow


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It’s the Journey Not the Destination

Somewhere in the middle of sewing labels onto silk squares, drudge transforms into art and I discover the joy in doing the best I can—not thinking about “this is going to take me forever!”

By the way, the black “thing” in the picture below is the black sewing thread I … Continue Reading…

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Seattle Sachet Summer

This weaving is really going to be difficult to cut up! These will not be the only pictures of this cloth—just the first.

I can’t begin to describe what the cloth feels like! Well, yes I can. It feels just like a cashmere sweater–actually like lots of cashmere sweaters.

Each … Continue Reading…

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Getting Back in the Groove

It’s taken me several days to sink back into a schedule. I like to take advantage of holidays to get work done because it is so quiet with very few distractions. I stopped weaving for a bit and went up on the roof to try out the fireworks setting on … Continue Reading…

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Way to Go

The mountains of Western North Carolina are beautiful! (but you have to know where you are going). We put 500 miles on Irene’s car during my visit. She lives at least an hour away from everything, good if you want to get away and bad if you don’t drive.

We … Continue Reading…

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Ready to Fly

Saying goodbye to my studio for a while always fills me with mixed feelings. Leaving projects unfinished assures that I will attempt to return.

Here is what’s on Grace. Perhaps I will know which colors I want to use for weft the next time I sit down to weave.

My … Continue Reading…

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A Word About Cashmere Dollars

What are Cashmere Dollars, you might ask? Every (imperfect) cashmere sweater a person sends me gives them a $50 credit towards a custom designed scarf/shawl up to 80% of the total cost of the weaving. Most weaving purchased with Cashmere Dollars becomes a Woven Words scarf, but Fran from Calgary … Continue Reading…

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