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A Serendipitous Valentine

Today I was photographing all of the scrap cashmere left over from the cashmere sweaters I have been un-knitting these past couple of years. Imagine my surprise when I viewed this picture! I didn’t crop or alter it in any way.


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Out of the Washer and into the Dryer

Above: before laundering—Below: after laundering

I don’t usually measure, so this was interesting for me. The Many Shades of Hope
just off the loom measured 28″ wide x 146″ long. After washing in cold water on gentle, it measured 27″ wide x 138″ long. Just out of the dryer (delicate, … Continue Reading…

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On Grace, Off Gary

It seemed like “The Many Shades of Hope” had been on Gary forever (actually only a month) , but today it jumped off the loom and chased me across the apartment.

I was experimenting with various random cashmere wefts.

I will toss it in the washer and dryer tomorrow and … Continue Reading…

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I’ll bet you thought I didn’t have it in me (grin). A fellow, who brought me 30 cashmere sweaters over the past year, requested a herringbone scarf. I had to talk him into making the warp a slightly different shade than the weft. I used Bambu 7 … Continue Reading…

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Quiet Celebration

I received one of Syne Mitchell’s temari balls! I was so excited because each morning I chant my mantra “No New Crafts- No New Crafts” I thought I would never have one if I didn’t make it myself. I did break down and make the object above, however. A friend
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More Carpe Diem

Like Connie Rose, I get to do a lot of my best work over the holidays.

I’ve been enjoying color blending in a free unplanned way. I am using colors selected by the client which makes it rather challenging, risky, and exciting.

Again, Happy Holidays to all. May this be … Continue Reading…

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I had to put this second picture of my mom posing with a basket of un-knitted cashmere sweaters. I’ve been sending this out as a virtual holiday card with the caption (naturally, HAVE A BALL). It really says it all.

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Grace is Smokin’

I wish you could feel this weaving. The cashmere weft combined with the bamboo is just heavenly. I washed it in the machine and dried it in the dryer. It was 111″ before laundering and I think it was 98″ at the end. I forgot to write down the measurements … Continue Reading…

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Gearing Up

When I first arrive in Baltimore to visit my mother, she was feeling rather ill. We thought she was having heart failure. The next morning we took her to the emergency room. The doctors discovered she was anemic due to a tiny leak in her small intestines, gave her some … Continue Reading…

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Two Steps Back

Before I wove Jill’s weaving, I wove this pink one for Dara. I can’t believe I didn’t post anything about this scarf nor did I take any other pictures (setting up the loom or having Dara model the finished piece). I am getting lax in my old age.

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