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It’s Hard to Hit a Moving Target

I’m on the move again. I just had to take a break though and share my THIRD ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF MOVING. The movers come on Tuesday, and I am far from ready.

The good news is that Grace and Gary will be reunited.

More good news is that I only … Continue Reading…

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Tencel—Learning and Teaching

What promises to be another phenomenal Weaving Conference begins tomorrow! Interestingly enough, this Conference is taking place on the University of Montana campus (in walking distance from my soon to be former residence (but that is a post for another day).

I will be teaching 2 one-day workshops: Intentional Design … Continue Reading…

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A Great Conference

I just returned from a fabulous week at the Hand Weavers Spinners and Dyers of Alberta Conference. The truth of their vision statement was demonstrated in every way.

“A community that supports, promotes, educates and inspires Fibre Arts.”

We started off the week with a 3-day Color Horoscope Weaving Workshop. … Continue Reading…

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Teaching Schedule

Color Horoscope Weaving threads all counted out and ready to go on the loom

I don’t know why I am not a bit more proactive in letting folks know about my teaching schedule. Perhaps it is because last year I didn’t have one. I had been trying out an experiment—accepting … Continue Reading…

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More Intentional Design

I couldn’t resist focusing in on Diane Ayers loom and weaving. For all the years I have been teaching, I have never seen a workshop loom like this—especially for a 4 harness plain weave gal like me.

I really had to put all of reverse loom snobbery aside on this … Continue Reading…

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Intentional Design Workshop with Central Coast Weavers

Finally, some words and images to go along with the wonderful memories of my California sojourn to San Luis Obispo and Atascadero (where the workshop was held). I apologize for the lack of images, but I got so involved I forgot to take out my camera to show the outside … Continue Reading…

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Hello from the Central Coast Weavers

Of course, now I am back in Montana after an amazing visit to the Central Coast Weavers. I don’t usually like to back-track, but this guild has much to share. If you click on their link, the first thing you see is this:

Guild Motto: Friendship is the shining

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Meanwhile on the Other Side of Town

I took a little break from getting ready to teach a workshop in California to co-teach a little kumihimo braiding workshop to my guild, Missoula Weavers Guild.

Imagine being able to re-create amazingly complex braids with a little square of Masonite.

Although we looked at many wonderful reference books, the … Continue Reading…

Chenille, My Old Friend

Here I am having taught 2 workshop already this year, about to teach one this weekend (all 3 local), and preparing to head down to San Luis Obispo to teach a new (in name and focus) workshop called INTENTIONAL DESIGN. I will talk more about this in another post, but … Continue Reading…

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Woven Collage at Hangin Art Gallery in Arlee

Pictures are lacking at this juncture, but I wanted to share the final results. (14″ x 20″)

Here are 5 of the 8 wonderful women in the workshop. Each created a woven collage 5″ x 7″ based on the theme —weaving the highest wishes for self into highest wishes for … Continue Reading…