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Salish Peace

I went off to weave and left my image card in the computer. I snapped pics merrily, and now they are trapped in the camera until I can retrieve the chord that plugs into my camera with USB port to the computer. But there were some juicy pics I can’t … Continue Reading…

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Chenille, The Pet You Don’t Have to Feed

Actually, this blanket was a commissioned piece entitled THE RESULTS OF HAVING FALLEN INTO A PIT OF CHENILLE

Each square is the sample end of a chenille scarf I wove during a five year period leading up to the millennium.

What I know about weaving with chenille I learned during … Continue Reading…

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Towel Exchange: Maybe I Should Have Taken Notes

It was hard to decide what to call this blog post.
I debated on: DUH!
Win Some Lose Some
Or: There’s No Mistake You Can’t Fix
Or: I’d Like to Share a Learning Experience With You

Ah, the list is endless….

So as I was weaving away on Gary, I … Continue Reading…

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Warping in the Garden

It is a most interesting experience warping a loom outside on a windy day. I had to give up trying to keep the threads aligned as they went around the back beam.

It is equally interesting to realize I forgot to bring the lease sticks I usually use to support … Continue Reading…

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Show No Fear

There really are no knots. If the threads sense fear, then all is lost. But if I approach a seemingly impossible tangle with courage and optimism….

It’s really not as bad as it looks, but it looks pretty bad. What caused the mess on this side is the series of … Continue Reading…

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Designing in the Raddle

My talk about the Fudge Factor has come back to bite me. I am working on a Woven Words project for Paula (who sent me 10 cashmere sweaters). Her selected words are LAUGH OFTEN, LOVE MUCH, LIVE WELL. Since she wanted her weaving to be 18″ wide, I knew that … Continue Reading…

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The Fudge Factor

I have always believed there are an infinite number of mistakes to be made in weaving. I also believe there is no mistake you cannot fix (if you will take the time). Plus, there is something I like to call “The Fudge Factor”. Simply defined, some “mistakes” you can fudge … Continue Reading…

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Floating Selvedges

For the first 20 years, I never added a floating selvedge. I don’t remember what finally got me to give it a try. Once I did, though, I have never looked back—although I have tried several different variations on the theme. Currently, this is what I do, but this is … Continue Reading…

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Hang Tags and Inventory

Thursday is the sale, but preparing items to bring to the sale can be quite an involved task.

Since each little sachet is unique and has a “story”, I realized I needed to create a hang tag to explain about the recycled cashmere and woven words and a little about … Continue Reading…

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Mothers of Invention

Meanwhile back in St. Louis I show students how I warp from back to front. One of my goals for this year is to get some YouTube footage of me winding a warp and dressing the loom from back to front. I may have to move that to my goal … Continue Reading…

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