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Three Shawls, One Color Horoscope Weaving Draft

I recently had the pleasure of visiting 3 Color Horoscope Weavings that live in Arizona. The first is a Color Horoscope Weaving is from 80’s

2.12.15.Carol's Original Horoscope

It was a 60″ square that Carol, the owner, folded diagonally and wore as a triangular shawl until it got retired to live as a … Continue Reading…

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Weaving Magic into a Living Rainbow of Color

First Friday Gallery Night—June 1, 2012, 5:00 to 8:00 PM (and running through June)

Prudential Montana Real Estate

Downtown Missoula

314 No. Higgins

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So I Cranked Up the Air Con

And pulled out the recycled cashmere

And started winding another warp—Missoula’s horoscope. (use the date and time of the founding of any place)

But this time I tried something just a little different. A couple of years ago, a student (Karen Driscoll) said to me during a Color Horoscope Weaving … Continue Reading…

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Making Lemonade and Paying it Forward and Loose Ends

Several months ago, there appeared on Facebook the opportunity to Pay It Forward. If you were among the first 5 people to respond, the person who posted would send you a gift of something they had made (within the upcoming year). In turn, you had to post on your page … Continue Reading…

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Towel Exchange: Maybe I Should Have Taken Notes

It was hard to decide what to call this blog post.
I debated on: DUH!
Win Some Lose Some
Or: There’s No Mistake You Can’t Fix
Or: I’d Like to Share a Learning Experience With You

Ah, the list is endless….

So as I was weaving away on Gary, I … Continue Reading…

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A Towel Exchange to Start the New Year

I don’t know how many remember my ongoing Towel Exchange—it goes like this: You send me a towel of your own creation, and I will send you a towel of mine. Imagine my surprise and delight on the Solstice to receive a package from Syne Mitchell! Among the delightful … Continue Reading…

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Getting Ready for Ikat in Ohio

In addition to teaching about Turned Weft Ikat, I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to experience “Almost Ikat”. The workshop is a lot about designing warps spontaneously on the warping board within rather tight parameters.

Here is the assignment—each student arrives in class with a scarf warp 9″ wide … Continue Reading…

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Life has interfered with my postings, but not with my weaving. I will share some life stuff soon, but the weaving is certainly more interesting.

These were the two winning colors.

Yes, my favorite part!

These scarves came out very well. I did not get as good a picture as … Continue Reading…

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Designing in the Raddle

My talk about the Fudge Factor has come back to bite me. I am working on a Woven Words project for Paula (who sent me 10 cashmere sweaters). Her selected words are LAUGH OFTEN, LOVE MUCH, LIVE WELL. Since she wanted her weaving to be 18″ wide, I knew that … Continue Reading…

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So Do I Ever Get to Weave

I thought this was a very nice picture. I had laid out the Mary Meigs Atwater weaving on my table (to cut strips to include in my Color Horoscope Weaving Instructions Packets). I got carried away and started playing with my wrapped birthday blessing words.

Then I started playing around … Continue Reading…

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