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What Is Intentional Design Anyway

Begin with a group of friends with a message, a meaning, and/or a desire . Add your favorite colors. Mix, wrap, blend, stir and voila! Intentional Design

Above is my first venture into group art. This piece was created during the Central Coast Weavers Intentional Design Workshop. Each segment is … Continue Reading…

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Stash Reduction/Stash Expansion: ZYG in 2012

How to achieve ZYG–Zero Yarn Growth:

I don’t have a huge yarn stash, but I certainly do have one. Over the years, one acquires yarn to precious to use up or trade away. Because I have moved 3 times in as many years, I have de-stashed quite a bit, but … Continue Reading…

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Hanging Around Town

Back in 1975 when I was living in Missoula, I had an exhibition of my wall hangings—cleverly called Hanging Around Town. As I was doing some sorting back in Seattle, I happened upon the poster I made for the show. It is interesting to see where I was on … Continue Reading…

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Independence Day

Life continues to sail along at an amazing clip. When am I moving? The official date is August 31 to be out of this place. Where am I moving? …yet to be determined. I am attempting to stay open to all possibilities and pray for the doors to open that … Continue Reading…

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Why Blog

It seems like ages since I last wrote. This year has felt so different. Time has moved so rapidly. I am now visiting my 91 year old mother on the East Coast, so I am away from my computer, looms and images. I did bring 15 cashmere sweaters with me … Continue Reading…

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Show No Fear

There really are no knots. If the threads sense fear, then all is lost. But if I approach a seemingly impossible tangle with courage and optimism….

It’s really not as bad as it looks, but it looks pretty bad. What caused the mess on this side is the series of … Continue Reading…

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The Fudge Factor

I have always believed there are an infinite number of mistakes to be made in weaving. I also believe there is no mistake you cannot fix (if you will take the time). Plus, there is something I like to call “The Fudge Factor”. Simply defined, some “mistakes” you can fudge … Continue Reading…

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It’s the Journey Not the Destination

Somewhere in the middle of sewing labels onto silk squares, drudge transforms into art and I discover the joy in doing the best I can—not thinking about “this is going to take me forever!”

By the way, the black “thing” in the picture below is the black sewing thread I … Continue Reading…

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SLOW CLOTHES at the Golden Gate Fiber Institute

I sat down at the loom and as I began weaving my new lavender sachet warp, my mind drifted back to the profound and amazing experience I had in California. It has taken me almost two weeks to digest my time at The Golden Gate Fiber Institute and certainly longer … Continue Reading…

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Cuttin’ Up

I used to believe the best part of weaving was having woven. I couldn’t wait for the moment my scissors would release the warp from the loom.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore the thrill of seeing time stretched out in a colorful path and wallow in delight of accomplishment. … Continue Reading…

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