Clearing the pallette

Yes, it’s true! I can weave without color. I call it clearing the palette. It is quite refreshing, actually.

Many years ago, a lovey gentleman gave me 50 cashmere sweaters to recycle. In exchange I was to weave him scarves. I had woven him 3 scarves, but there was still one remaining. He wanted a gray and back herringbone. So FINALLY! I am on my way. It was pointed out to me that I was not actualy weaving herringbone, but rather zigzag. So long story—I looked up herringbone in “The Handweavers Pattern Book” (I’ve had this book since 1960!) It was actually rather dusty since I only do plain weave (grin). So below is the actual herringbone. Now I am waiting to hear from the client which he prefers.

Meanwhile on Grace I am finally weaving another rendition of my own horoscope, this time in tencel from WEBS (soon to be a new kit offering from Cotton Clouds)


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