Color Horoscope Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom

Here’s a photo of me wearing my shawl! The workshop was excellent. I loved all the little extras we learned in addition to making the color horoscope shawl. As you can see, my shawl turned out beautifully (as everyone’s does!). I found the joining of the panels to be very rewarding. I can’t wait to make something else that’s bigger than my loom! The uses for my rigid heddle loom have now been hugely expanded.
Speaking of my RH loom, I posted photo-based instructions on my blog so you can see how I warped it from front to back. If I had wound my warp with back to front in mind, I would have warped in a more traditional way, but this worked for me too. You can see the instructions at, along with a post I made right after the workshop.
My friends all love the shawl too and are fascinated by the fact that it’s based on my astrological chart. It’s been quite the popular conversation topic when I wear it out.
Thanks again!
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