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Hi Bonnie,

RE: color horoscope weaving kit

After receiving the horoscope instructions, I looked at the warping order and groaned. Winding off warp is my least favorite task. but the little sample you included was motivation. I ordered my bamboo from jane stafford in BC.I also enlarged the width by adding about 8 ends in each of the color groupings to make a shawl.
After getting it all beamed, I wasn’t sure I liked it. As much as I love color, it was overwhelming. I had put on extra yardage to experiment with weft colors. tried out black, both a dull and shiny. sampled with a grey thinking it would tone the whole thing down. looked dead. even tried a cream. that was way wrong! In your paper work you had commented that I had a lot of orange and red. I had a cone of red cotton the right size. bingo! I love it.
Only have about a yard woven at this point but it will be finished hopefully by Christmas so I can wear it to the family dinner. Will send you a finished photo after the holiday.

It’s done. I love it. but. . . . I’ll never wear it. Way too bright. I should have used pastels of my colors. Am thinking I’ll use it for a table cover.

RE: horoscope shawl doneRe: horoscope shawl done

I had taken a front view photo but the picture had the dog’s butt and tail in it but it also didn’t show the stripes as well. My weaving space is also my quilting space so the floor does get really trashy.
I think I had promised you a finished photo by Christmas. didn’t happen. It was off the loom but not cleaned up. twisting the fringe took almost as long as the actual weaving.

Thanks so much, Bonnie.


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