Congratulations to Anne!

In the mid 90’s, as a beginning weaver, I saw some of the horoscope weavings. I thought “WOW’…wouldn’t that be fun!! Well, in 2004, Bonnie offered the workshop to the Whidbey Weavers and I took that class. Most of us knew almost nothing about horoscopes other than our signs!!!

This workshop consisted of three days of winding a warp….360 threads BUT those 360 threads were made up of THREE threads! i.e. there were over 1000 threads that made up that warp!!! And they were put into three warp groupings. I took all these home along with the instructions and there they sat until 2007.

Note from Bonnie: I have completely changed how I present this workshop and no longer use 20/2 cotton tripled for warp (although I am happy to show anyone who is interested) I also have students wind their warp at home rather during class, and now students come to class all ready to weave. I discovered that 50% of the students who leave a workshop with a warp, never take the time to actually weave it. I am SO impressed that Anne wove her piece after all that time!

In 2007, I had a failed hip replacement, could not walk or stand so thought this might be the perfect time to weave my horoscope material! It was not perfect weaving BUT I did finish it. However, mine felt just too heavy for a shawl sooooo I asked a golfing friend (a seamstress as well) if she could make this material into a vest? She agreed.
I had a paper pattern from an early workshop with Anita Mayer. From this pattern, Judy Wolinski used some software and created a fabulous vest for me. The tassels at the ends of the weaving were used in the back of the vest.

Needless to say, I was thrilled with the end result!
anne brenaman

Note from Bonnie: I was totally blown away when I happened to run into Anne wearing her vest at the Seattle Weavers Guild Sale!!

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    jeannieshandsatwork August 31, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

    I think this is just Gorgeous! How wonderful to finish a project after so much time had passed. I have knitting projects that wait years as well -I think it has to do with “life/skill” experience that compounds until it bursts into fruition.
    Brava -what a beautiful vest.
    Best Regards :0)