Giving and Receivingand Planning and Sampling

Before I begin, please check out the Color Horoscope Weaving Booth by Cotton Clouds at Convergence.

Again I was talking with Roberta about my trials in finding a new apartment, and she said “Why don’t you move back to Montana?” I COULDN’T DO THAT! I replied emphatically. But I decided to pretend for just one day that I was, indeed, moving back to Missoula, Montana (where I lived for 12 years and moved away from 30 years ago). As soon as I opened to the possibility, it was as if I had fallen in love (you know that feeling). Ten pounds (of the 20 I gained in the past 2 years) fell away as if by magic. I am filled with energy and excitement. I didn’t share this sooner because I was remaining open to the possibility that some wonderful living situation in Seattle would appear (didn’t happen).

So I have been sorting, tossing, selling and (the most exciting) gifting my possessions in preparation for a new chapter in my life. My last day in this apartment will be August 31. I will be heading over to Montana to Weave at the beginning of August, but will return mid-August to pack in earnest. I will be offering gifts to everyone (especially my blog readers) then.

Meanwhile finishing up—-The Memory Mitzvah is complete and ready to go to the framer.

I realized I still have one more weaving to do before I leave. (well, I really have more than one, but this one is going on Grace). Cheryl Kolander of Aurora Silk is natural dyeing silk for the Dalai Lama weaving. I have not tried to combine my recycled cashmere with silk. I have been using the cashmere with bamboo which has a lot more tooth. Earlier experiments combining wool and silk has not been particularly satisfying to me.

While waiting for the silk to arrive (and pawing through my old yarn stash), I found some yarn that Cheryl had dyed for me back in the 80’s. Although the yarn size is different from the yarn I will be using, I thought this would make a good sample.

This yarn is totally yummy. I used to weave Color Horoscope Weavings with it when back when. I no longer have the whole spectrum, but there is certainly enough. Of course there is always this fun part—winding balls.

And the next fun part, winding warp. (I will tell you about this warp in a later post)

And the final fun part of dressing the loom.

Grace is excited to be working again—as am I.

I received a comment from Lindsey asking if I will be selling instructions for the Dalai Lama’s horoscope. I had not thought of it, but now that I have, I believe that I will make the draft available on my blog (once I figure out how to do that) . Thanks for the idea, Lindsey!

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    Peg in South Carolina July 23, 2010 at 12:17 am #

    I am so happy for you! Now if only I could wish you moved with the work all done as if by magic!

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    Connie Rose July 23, 2010 at 3:14 am #

    Congrats, Bonnie, on a new world of possibility opening up to you. I'm really happy for you!!