I am a Bonnie Inspiried Weaver!

Hello Bonnie…. I am so pleased with my shawl and have had lots of compliments. I always credit you…Bonnie Inspiried!

“This was a lovely gift to myself and I am very grateful to Bonnie for

developing this idea. I have never warped anything without knowing how

it was going to turn out. Each new color was eagerly anticipated to see

how it would blend in. Like Bonnie promised, it all worked out.”

Information about my shawl…..

I basically followed Bonnie’s directions; they were very clear. I used

Bambu 7 for the warp…sett was 20 ends to the inch and I used Bambu 12

for the weft. Weaving with this fibre was a delight and I thought it

was some of my best weaving…I have been weaving for 35 years. Must

have been because I was weaving me!

The hardest part was keeping track of the colors…your instructions

were very helpful. One thing I did was xerox the chart and tick off

each thread as I warped it. I was amazed when I checked things that I

made several errors and had to go over the whole warp 4 times! Maybe

that says something about me though. I also added 3 inches of solid

black to extend the width.

I wanted to make a shawl with a “V” back rather than one length of


I ended up with piece of fabric that was 21 x 121″ after

washing. I cut one piece 64 inches long and another 43 inches long ( 43

+21= 64) and then hand sewed them in an L shape to get my desired

shape. Hope that makes sense. I am a tall person and wanted ample

fabric to drape over my shoulders.

The fringes were hand plied; they

ended up being about 6″ long after being plied.

I have 8 inches of fabric left over and plan to make a little frame and

hang it on the wall.

I am a Bonnie Inspiried weaver!

Happy , healthy and a hearty 2010!

Hugs to you,

Shelley Hamilton

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