Inadvertent Collaboration

Back when I was weaving a lot with rayon chenille, I was in the habit of saving all of my thrums, tying my thrums together, and then using them as weft. I asked one of my knitting friends to attempt knitting with the thrums. We decided the experiment was a failure, and I put the 3 knitting samples in a drawer where they have languished for several years.

Last night while I was searching for something I never did find, I came upon the knitted pieces and tacked them up on the wall. I was thinking about art quilts at the moment and how quilts need to be 3 layers, so I wonder if this fills the bill.

By the way, the dimensions are 16″ x 29″

Below is the Mary Meigs Atwater Color Horoscope Weaving going on the loom. I have actually finished setting it up, but my camera battery needs to be recharged. I will have more pictures soon.

It looks a lot different without the ikat stripe between each section.

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    Leigh March 31, 2009 at 9:33 pm #

    OK, so why did you all decide it was a failure??? I think it look pretty neat. And so does the beginning of the MMACHW.