• teaching at peace festivalWeaving and Weaving Related Workshops for all levels
  • A strong focus on Color and Color Systems
  • Mix and Match topics, tailored for the needs and interest of the individual or group
  • Travel to teach at Guilds and Conferences
  • In house private Weaving Lessons by the hour
  • Weaving Retreats (1-day to 7-day)
  • Internship and apprenticeship opportunities available.

Weaving with Bonnie in Missoula

Over the years, I have taught all manner of workshops, delivered keynote addresses, and presented countless seminars. Although I am still available for travel to teach, “taking the show on the road” has become more challenging. Plus, now that I live in beautiful Montana, have a lovely studio with 3 looms AND have accommodations for 2, I am pleased to announce Weaving Vacations, tailored just for you.



  • 8 harness 48” Fireside (jack) named Gary
  • 4 harness 32” Gilmore (jack) named Grace
  • 2 harness 20” Saori (counterbalance) named Love

Ways to Weave with Bonnie

Color Horoscope Weaving
Ikat (Almost Ikat and Turner Weft Ikat)
Woven Words
Outstanding Moral Fiber
Trio Sampling

About Missoula

Field Trips


Guild Workshops

Karla, Vanetta, and Coby resizedBonnie Tarses has been teaching workshops and seminars around the US and Canada since 1993. With her amazing mastery of color blending and delightful sense of humor, Bonnie receives rave reviews. Her wide variety of workshops are geared to all skill levels, plus weaving related workshops for the non-weaver as well.

Color Focused Workshops

Color Horoscope Weaving
Almost Ikat
Woven Words

Workshops With The Non-Weaver In Mind

Woven Paper Collage
Wrapped Silk Brooch