• teaching at peace festivalWeaving and Weaving Related Workshops for all levels
  • A strong focus on Color and Color Systems
  • Mix and Match topics, tailored for the needs and interest of the individual or group
  • Travel to teach at Guilds and Conferences
  • In house private Weaving Lessons by the hour
  • Weaving Retreats (1-day to 7-day)
  • Internship and apprenticeship opportunities available.

Weaving with Bonnie in Missoula

Over the years, I have taught all manner of workshops, delivered keynote addresses, and presented countless seminars. Although I am still available for travel to teach, “taking the show on the road” has become more challenging. Plus, now that I live in beautiful Montana, have a lovely studio with 3 looms AND have accommodations for 2, I am pleased to announce Weaving Vacations, tailored just for you.



  • 8 harness 48” Fireside (jack) named Gary
  • 4 harness 32” Gilmore (jack) named Grace
  • 2 harness 20” Saori (counterbalance) named Love

Ways to Weave with Bonnie

Color Horoscope Weaving
Cathy-Jenni-weaving-001(you can select just one of the options below or do any combination. In other words, you can have the Color Horoscope warp all threaded and ready to weave)

  • Creating a Color Horoscope Weaving
  • Selecting yarn and winding
  • Dressing loom
  • Weaving
Ikat (Almost Ikat and Turner Weft Ikat)
China-Woods-sale-028Preparing Yarn for Ikat Dyeing (if you are interested in actual dyeing, I can arrange for that to happen although I do not do any dyeing in my studio)

  • Designing and winding warp
  • Dressing loom
  • Weaving
Woven Words

  • Gathering words to weave
  • Color selection
  • Transforming words into color
  • Designing warps
  • Winding warp
  • Dressing loom
  • Weaving
Free Weaving on Saori Loom
botanicals-015I have discovered that most weavers I know have trouble weaving without a plan. In weaving, there are 3 basic elements in play: color, pattern, and texture. In design school, I was taught to feature just one of the 3. To have all 3 elements equally strong will make a weak cloth, designwise. Most weavers seem initially drawn to pattern. Let’s face it, it’s the closest thing to magic I know of! Many weavers I have encountered seem to struggle with color. Fortunately, that has always been my delicious joy. Then we come to texture! Texture has always been in the background for me although yarn is first and foremost, texture. SAORI gives texture its due since loom created pattern is strictly limited on a 2 harness loom. I happen to have an amazing collection of recycled cashmere which will be available for weaving.
Outstanding Moral Fiber
December-5-010Rather than go into detail, please follow this link to see the story of recycled cashmere.
Supply fee: EITHER $25 per ounce (4 oz required for a scarf on the saori loom) OR 1 un-knitted cashmere sweater of any color

One of the best features of the Saori loom is that anyone can sit down and weave on it (and I do mean anyone who can count to 2 and reach the treadles) with just 2 minutes of instruction.

Trio Sampling
Weave on all three looms. They will be warped and ready to go.

  1. Weave a Botanical Wall Hanging (on Gary)
  2. Weave an Almost Ikat Towel (on Grace)
  3. Weave a Free Weaving Textural Scarf or Woven Words Scarf (on Love)

About Missoula

Steph-and-Sam's-Wedding-009My craftsman style home/ studio is situated on lovely maple lined street, just blocks away from the University of Montana campus. The 85 year old trees provide cooling shade inviting all to stroll the charming neighborhood. I have 2 guest suites, each with their own private bath. (the downstairs has just a shower). The ground floor has a double bed with a full bath.
Field Trips
During the summer in Missoula and surrounding areas, there is some of the most beautiful scenery and constant festivals, farmers markets, craft markets, rafting, fishing, birding, and powwow to name a just few things. In addition to loom time, one can drink in the Montana scene. We also have a wonderful yarn shop, Joseph’s Coat and Mountain Colors is less than an hour away. A little over an hour in the other direction is Black Wolf Ranch, an amazing Alpaca ranch (no wolves).
Many lovely restaurants and the downtown are in easy walking distance from my University District home.


Guild Workshops

Karla, Vanetta, and Coby resizedBonnie Tarses has been teaching workshops and seminars around the US and Canada since 1993. With her amazing mastery of color blending and delightful sense of humor, Bonnie receives rave reviews. Her wide variety of workshops are geared to all skill levels, plus weaving related workshops for the non-weaver as well.

Color Focused Workshops

Color Horoscope Weaving
Mar 3.09 Susan at the loom

Discover a unique method of color blending.

  • The focus is entirely on color.
  • Bonnie begins instruction via email 2 months before the scheduled workshop.
  • Personal winding drafts are calculated and mailed out based on information provided by the student .
  • Guidance in individual yarn selection provided via email.
  • Warps wound and looms dressed in the comfort of your own studio prior to the workshop.
  • Students arrive in class with looms warped and ready to weave.
  • Weaving provides the backdrop for an array of unique color exercises.
  • The number of students is limited only by the size of the room.
  • Presented as a 1-day, 2-day or 3-day workshop, your choice. Instruction on Almost Ikat included in 2-day workshop, and Woven Words included in 3-day workshop.

Supply fee: $35 includes personal horoscope and hand drawn winding draft. (Add $15 supply fee for Almost Ikat and $15 for Woven Words)

Almost Ikat
DSCN2101A new twist on an ancient technique.This workshop is geared toward sharpening the sense of design and color while exploring this unique ikat variation. Students create a spontaneous warp from commercially dyed variegated yarn at home and arrive in class ready to weave. Each warp will be 9 inches wide by 3 yards long using Bambu 7 from Cotton Clouds. The workshop includes an exciting slide show and sumptuous samples, and it promises to add new dimensions to your creativity. Workshop length: 1-day
Supply fee: $0
Woven Words
An intriguing color system calculated to inspire fearless colorful warps!9.3.12The 1-day workshop begins with an exciting display of woven word examples. Just imagine a color name draft! With a color and number for every letter of the alphabet, you have opened the door to woven words. Students learn a beautiful wrapping technique, wrap their names, and transfer this color sequence to a weft-faced weaving. After having woven their names, students have an opportunity to weave family names, a personal motto, or a short poem. Perfect for towels, baby blankets or just about any striped warp.
Supply fee: $15 includes yarn, wrapping cards, and handout.
Students bring warped loom, 10/2 cotton, solid jewel-tone, 6″ wide x 3 yds.

Workshops With The Non-Weaver In Mind

Woven Paper Collage
Inspiring, insightful, relaxing, and fun
Finding the Colors Within on WhidbeyThrough focused intention discover the colors of your hopes and dreams. With no experience and minimal supplies, transform color preferences into collage. Turn collage into meaningful “thread” and thread into a powerful woven statement. Guaranteed to fill you with ideas!
Supply fee: $5
Wrapped Silk Brooch
Create a piece of wearable art
Group of BroochesLearn how to make perfect wrappings using custom dyed, space-dyed and ikat dyed fine silk yarn. In a 1-day workshop, student will complete at least one brooch and more likely three. In addition to the brooch, as a group we will create an exciting piece of wall art.
Supply fee $30 includes a variety of pre-cut shapes, over 100 shades of 20/2 to 60/2 silk yarn, all adhesives and findings.