Instruction by Bonnie

  • A strong focus on Color and Color Systems
  • Mix and Match topics, tailored for the needs and interest of the individual or group
  • Weaving and Weaving Related Workshops for all levels (Zoom workshops available)
  • Limited travel to teach at Guilds and Conferences
  • One-on-one distance learning available
  • Internship and apprenticeship opportunities

Guild and Conference Workshops

Bonnie Tarses had been teaching workshops and seminars around the US and Canada from 1993 until Covid. With her amazing mastery of color blending and delightful sense of humor, Bonnie received rave reviews. Her wide variety of workshops are geared to all skill levels, plus weaving related workshops for the non-weaver as well. Workshops are now available virtually via Zoom.

Color Focused Workshops

Three Workshops in One: Color Horoscope Weaving, Woven Words, Almost Ikat

Three Workshops in One: Color Horoscope Weaving, Woven Words, Almost Ikat

Come join in the discovery of 3 unique methods of color blending developed by Bonnie over the past 4 decades as demonstrated in a spectacular array of examples. Students will use Color Horoscope Weaving as their primary focus, which means they will arrive at the workshop with their loom warped and ready to weave with a personal Color Horoscope.

Be advised that this workshop begins at home at least one month (hopefully two) before the conference with one on one email instruction for setting up an individual unique warp. During the workshop, students get a taste of Woven Words and Almost Ikat providing inspiration and ideas that will last for years.

Required level of student expertise:  Student must either be able to warp their loom at home or have someone help them.

Materials fee:  $55

Provided for students:

  • A personal winding draft based on birthdate, time of day and place of birth.
  • Instruction on how to select yarn and how to interpret the draft and wind the warp.
  • Handouts and materials for designing warps in Woven Words and Almost Ikat.

Students should bring:

  • Portable warped loom (capable of weaving 16” with 400 heddles) plain weave.
  • weft
  • shuttles (and whatever weaving tools you require)
  • both cloth and paper scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil with good eraser.
  • 4 hanks of cotton embroidery floss

Maximum participants:  15

Additional Student Requirement:

Each Color Horoscope student must contact Bonnie upon enrollment (  and supply her with an accurate

1.          Birth Date  (month, day, year)

2.          Time of Day (hour and minute)

3.          Place (city/town, state/province, and country)

Bonnie will then create a personal winding draft based on this information.  In addition, she will send instructions on how to select yarn and how to interpret the draft and wind the warp.

Color Horoscope Weaving
Susan at the loom

Discover a unique method of color blending.

  • The focus is entirely on color.
  • Bonnie begins instruction via email 2 months before the scheduled workshop.
  • Personal winding drafts are calculated and mailed out based on information provided by the student .
  • Guidance in individual yarn selection provided via email.
  • Warps wound and looms dressed in the comfort of your own studio prior to the workshop.
  • Students arrive in class with looms warped and ready to weave.
  • Weaving provides the backdrop for an array of unique color exercises.
  • The number of students is limited only by the size of the room.
  • Presented as a 1-day, 2-day or 3-day workshop, your choice. Instruction on Almost Ikat included in 2-day workshop, and Woven Words included in 3-day workshop.

Supply fee: $35 includes personal horoscope and hand drawn winding draft. (Add $15 supply fee for Almost Ikat and $15 for Woven Words)

Almost Ikat
A new twist on an ancient technique. This workshop is geared toward sharpening the sense of design and color while exploring this unique ikat variation. Students create a spontaneous warp from commercially dyed variegated yarn at home and arrive in class ready to weave. Each warp will be 9 inches wide by 3 yards long using Bambu 7 from Cotton Clouds. The workshop includes an exciting slide show and sumptuous samples, and it promises to add new dimensions to your creativity. Workshop length: 1-day
Supply fee: $0
Woven Words
An intriguing color system calculated to inspire fearless colorful warps! The 1-day workshop begins with an exciting display of woven word examples. Just imagine a color name draft! With a color and number for every letter of the alphabet, you have opened the door to woven words. Students learn a beautiful wrapping technique, wrap their names, and transfer this color sequence to a weft-faced weaving. After having woven their names, students have an opportunity to weave family names, a personal motto, or a short poem. Perfect for towels, baby blankets or just about any striped warp.
Supply fee: $15 includes yarn, wrapping cards, and handout.
Students bring warped loom, 10/2 cotton, solid jewel-tone, 6″ wide x 3 yds.


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Bonnie’s Fees

Zoom-Based Seminars and Workshops

$1000 workshop includes introductory lecture, 2 teaching sessions, a final show-and-tell session, and one-on-one Zoom support

$200 Zoom lecture/seminar


Private Instruction via Zoom

$50 for 30 minutes


In-Person Workshops

Limited availability – please inquire.

"The whole concept is such fun!!! I really loved working with the colors and seeing the combinations. Just that alone has given me some ideas of color choices for other projects. Thank God for digital cameras to record which ones I like best and add them to my notes."
"After enjoying Bonnie's inspiring presentation to our North Olympic Shuttle and Spindle guild in Sequim/Port Angeles WA on the joys of designing with Turned Weft Ikat, a group of members held a wrap, dye and warp day in July. It was an excellent, though lengthy day, and all participants left with dyed yarn and lots of enthusiasm. We hope to see a series of towels this year at our monthly show and tell and want to thank Bonnie again for an excellent concept."
—Lynn Baritelle
"Never under estimate the powers of your horoscope shawl.  I am continually amazed at how this technique (Woven Words) makes me use new colors and they always seem to work together. Thank you, "
—Karen Driscoll, California
"I found Bonnie to be a great new weaving mentor in my life and not the least bit intimidating. And I feel more confident now to weave more fine pieces than I had before. "
—Martha, Missoula
"This has been the most challenging, rewarding and inspiring experience for me and I feel that I can now call myself a weaver! "
"Your Horoscope Workshop was the best workshop I have ever attended in my 10 years of weaving. In addition to providing the opportunity to warp and weave something new and different, I learned a lot from the tips you shared with us, gathered from your 50 years of weaving.  If your ears are ringing, it is because we are still talking about how much we enjoyed your workshop and that we learned so much. Thanks again for a great experience."
—Bobbie, Tennessee
"After your workshop, I came home and worked in a fury to complete the scarf. I had not intended to finish weaving until after the SoCal experience, BUT the scarf was "sizzling" on my loom!!!! I could not leave it alone! So the weaving is done with the fringing process started. I decided to put little faceted clear seed beads here and there--it looks like the stars. The whole experience was very cathartic. I will send a pic when I have completed it. Thank you so much for your insight and wisdom, I couldn't have asked for more."
—Susan von Sosten, Sacramento
"This was a lovely gift to myself and I am very grateful to Bonnie for developing this idea. I have never warped anything without knowing how it was going to turn out. Each new color was eagerly anticipated to see how it would blend in. Like Bonnie promised, it all worked out."
— Shelley Hamilton, Saskatchewan
Thank you for developing such a clever system and for your help and guidance on this project. It was very fun to make, and my new shawl is amazing!! —Isabel Clark
My husband is fighting me for it. I told him it is MY horoscope and he can't have it.
—Sonnie Sperati, Delaware
Thanks Bonnie, your workshop opened doors in weaving I had not thought of or did not know how to execute.
— Sandy Buckworth, Delaware