Kathie’s Story

Hi Bonnie,

Here are the promised photos of my shawl.

When I saw the Horoscope Shawl in Handwoven, I was immediately drawn to the project and decided that I could do this (it was plain weave, and being a beginning weaver, this was within my realm). I ordered my horoscope from you and the kit from Cotton Clouds in Bambu. Prior to this, my experience in weaving was limited to some scarves on a RH loom and some classes on a multishaft loom. 2 scarves and some Huck placemats were followed by the purchase of an 8 shaft loom.

Once everything arrived, I read through it all and then the questions started coming. Foremost was “OMG, what was I thinking?”. I had what I’d call “a crisis of confidence”, and everything sat for about a month or so. I started sending you my questions and with your kind assistance, I realized that I actually could do this. I knew how to wind a warp and get that warp onto the loom. I was allowing myself be intimidated by things I hadn’t done before, i.e. changing warp colors at each end of the warp, working with a very wide warp. It all seems silly now that I’ve woven the shawl, but it was a fantastic learning experience for me. Thank you for your patience and understanding at having to answer all those questions. You’re a wonderful mentor!

I did exactly as you suggested and took my time with each step and actually enjoyed all aspects of the project. I learned a great deal from your suggestions and tips which helped my refine my techniques as I progressed.

I purchased 2 clamps to use for the floating selvedges which worked beautifully – I’ve never has such uniform edges! I also took your advice about the skipped dent in the reed.

I was somewhat concerned about the colors, but again you were correct. The color combinations are amazing and I’ll never look at color in weaving in the same way again. You’ve opened my eyes to so many beautiful possibilities! I’m planning to do at least 3 more shawls for my daughters and granddaughter.

This has been the most challenging, rewarding and inspiring experience for me and I feel that I can now call myself a weaver!

Thank you for being such an inspiration!

I hope to take a class from you someday in person. You enabled me to make beautiful cloth!


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