Martha’s Masterpiece

When I signed up for Bonnie’s horoscope shawl workshop, I was both excited and intimidated. I had taken some classes from my very good friend to learn to weave and had woven a couple of scarves before becoming enamored with weaving rag rugs. I did not feel confident that I knew enough of what I was doing to participate in this workshop. Warping my loom with so many different colors and more than 1 warp string per reed was all new to me. And I LOVED it. Taking the workshop, and soaking up all the knowledge that I was exposed from Bonnie and the others in the workshop was exhilarating! and I had been hungering for a better understanding of color and I got to learn some about that and I learned many new tips. Now I have this beautiful shawl that has given me tons of ideas about how colors play together and I have already made another piece based on my favorite part of my horoscope shawl. I found Bonnie to be a great new weaving mentor in my life and not the least bit intimidating. And I feel more confident now to weave more fine pieces than I had before.

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