May Inspiration

The one thing I had trouble with in warping was bending down to the floor to change colors. I just read in Handwoven a suggestion that you put Velcro tape in a place to conveniently hold the thread while you are using another cone. I think I’ll try that for my sister’s scarf. Another thing I had trouble with was when I went to wind on the warp, the planets were looser than the rest of the warp. Not sure why, but I’ll be more aware as I wind on next time. Finally I wanted to wind more than 1 thread at a time and had never done it in a way that I needed to keep the sequence. That was a challenge! I only had one miss at the cross. But luckily your thread by thread color pattern helped.

On the edges I put 2 black floating warp threads per side. I think 1 would have been plenty. That helped a lot to keep my edges straight. The weaving went smoothly. I could advance the warp every 3 to 5 inches (I hate advancing the warp!). It didn’t take me long. I used a weft color that I love the name of as much as I love the color – UKI’s Quarry. I liked it better than the Black. I tried several warp colors, Quarry worked best. You can see on the loom picture I wanted to use up black at the end. There are 2 colors of weft in that picture – black and Quarry.


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