Memphis Medley

The Color Horoscope Weaving Workshop, presented to the Memphis Guild on January 23-4, brought together a fabulous group for an exciting foray into color exploration.

Hi Bonnie. !!

Fringed, washed and dried the horoscope shawl made in your Memphis class.

It was exquisite until the 2nd round in the dryer !

The wool weft just took over, but it feels wonderful, is much softer than expected and a great color experience. Since we didn’t have to decide which colors to warp with, it took away the ‘decisions, decisions’ problem.

Although, we *did* have to decide what weft to use for the shawl after we wove samples of different wefts. I have enough warp left so that I can play some more with wefts and maybe make little things like pouches and sachets.

You filled our heads with many things to ponder as life progresses. The

*desires* wrappings are next on my list and will tackle before the end of the week. That will be fun as well, since the colors are so beautiful. As you said many times “There is no right or wrong.” so they will all turn out as wonderful as our shawls. Thank you for such a fun and positive experience. Hope you will visit us again. !!

Kaaren Reid

Kaaren’s shawl picture was waiting for me when I got in from the airport on Monday the 25th. By the time Thursday rolled around, I received 3 more pictures of finished weaving. I felt very inspired (grin).

Here is Bobbie’s

Hi Bonnie,

Your Horoscope Workshop was the best workshop I have ever attended in my 10 years of weaving. In addition to providing the opportunity to warp and weave something new and different, I learned a lot from the tips you shared with us, gathered from your 50 years of weaving.

Warping the loom was somewhat of a challenge, because of the many changes in thread colors and the fact that I was doubling the Bambu 12 yarn I used. Your directions were clear and easy to follow, though, so that helped me get through the warping process successfully.

The actual weaving was a breeze. I wove plain weave with a single thread of Bambu 12. After washing the scarf, I trimmed the fringe to 2 inches.

I finished my scarf Tuesday and washed it Wednesday. Even though I planned to twist the fringe, I changed my mind and just trimmed it to 2 inches.
The warp is Bambu 12, doubled and the weft is single threads of Bambu 12. The finished scarf has a wonderful drape and softness.

If your ears are ringing, it is because we are still talking about how much we enjoyed your workshop and that we learned so much. Thanks again for a great experience.


Elizabeth’s–still waiting for her words.

And Joloy’s


I enjoyed the workshop. I learned about color and ways to figure out how to put more color in my weaving. It was very inspiring with so many ideas to work with once you get home.

I would say to my friends that this is one workshop that they should take.

My color horoscope scarf is woven in 10/2 cotton warp and weft is 20/2 cotton in black.

It took longer to measurer the warp than I expected. It is worth the extra time to weave this scarf.

Thanks for a great weekend.

Joloy Watlington

Mary Anne’s will follow soon, and I hope the rest of the class. This was surely my best workshop to date!

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