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Hi Bonnie!

Nature has been kind to some of us, though most don’t see the weather we’ve had this weekend as a blessing. Schools were closed on Friday and are again today because of the ice. (Lucky we didn’t have your workshop this weekend!) Those of us who teach got bonus weaving days.
In my usual manner of having to do everything two or three times to get it right, I used most of that time making my fringe.
Anyway, here it is, my finished piece. It is hard taking your own picture.
The workshop was terrific. And I am so inspired. I need more snow days!
Mary Anne

Dear Bonnie,

It has been said “that good things come to those wait” and I know this is true. Taking your Horoscope Weaving Workshop was a long anticipated dream of mine. In December of 1999, I saw your “Horoscope Scarf for New Millennium” on the cover of Handwoven magazine, loved the idea, and put it on my Future Projects List. It took ten years to bring this to fruition, but it was well worth the wait.

Your workshop went beyond all expectations. Bonnie you are a great teacher. You gave us so many wonderful ideas using color and showed us countless gorgeous samples. I am so thoroughly inspired, that 48 hour days are needed, just to weave a small portion of them. Oh, the joy!

My piece was woven using Pearl Cotton from my stash, 10/2 for warp and 20/2 for weft. Due to my workshop loom size limitations, it does not have a border. The finished width of 11 ½” and the beautiful hand of the cloth make this perfect to wear as a scarf or use as a table runner.

Thank you Bonnie. Memphis loves you!

Mary Jorgensen

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