Still Too Busy to Blog

But not too busy to cook! I was invited to friends for Thanksgiving and decided to make a breadless dressing. I won’t bore you with the entire list of ingredients except to say three of them: morel mushrooms, chestnuts, and wild rice.
I am mostly getting ready for my show “Where Weaving Meets Paper” opening Friday, but I had to take a little break and wrap some words. I’ll tell you more about this project after the show.

And I had to whip up some more brooches as the stock was dwindling.

And poor Grace, the loom, has been sitting idle for weeks, and this project has been looming (so to speak)
It always feels good to drape warp chains over the loom. I will also tell you more about THIS project after the show opening.

Now that I have quieted the blog goddess, I can go back to the project at hand.

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