I had such a good time with the last Tencel horoscope weaving that I posted it on FB and got a request for another. For some reason, the image of the weaving in process did not upload, so you will just see—coming down the home stretch (above) and my favorite part of the process (below). It really is a good thing that I cut with my left hand, so I can take a picture with my right.

 And of course, my favorite pictures — weaving details!

The is before laundering—measurements–17 1/2″ wide x 113″ long. I will post the after dimensions.
Now I am jazzed to weave my own horoscope in Tencel. I decided to make the planets as stripes instead of ridges because of the tension problems I had with the last piece. I am happy to report than I had no tension problems with this piece.

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    RC March 26, 2014 at 5:16 pm #

    This is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. 🙂