Towel Exchange: Maybe I Should Have Taken Notes

It was hard to decide what to call this blog post.
I debated on: DUH!
Win Some Lose Some
Or: There’s No Mistake You Can’t Fix
Or: I’d Like to Share a Learning Experience With You

Ah, the list is endless….

So as I was weaving away on Gary, I kept glancing over at the towel warp on Grace. Something just didn’t seem right.

I was using Syne’s recent towel as a basic design inspiration for the towel warp (in addition to using Syne’s towel to dry my dishes, note slightly used look)

And I was using the yarn I had left over from my last towel warp.

I was feeling very clever. The only thing I forgot was—–to count the number of ends I would need to create an 18″ wide towel sett at 24 epi ( small detail). So now the loom is threaded and I am 80 ends shy of the required number of ends—-what to do?

The problem: I do not have any more of the right color ikat. I am thinking I will just wind 80 ends of a solid and put 40 ends on each outer edge.

Actually, I will probably think on it for a while and finish the shawl.

Part of me wonders if I did this on purpose to create some tasty blog fodder. (grin)

Oh yes, 3 people have told me they were sending me towels (plus the one I already have from Syne) so the warp must go on…….

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    Bonnie January 26, 2011 at 11:23 pm #

    Ha Ha ha, I never thought of making a smaller towel. But I also think it would be fun to show how one can change a plan and fix a blunder. I must say that I am not looking forward to unthreading the loom. I know there must be a way to add the extra 80 threads without taking everything apart, but I haven't been able to wrap my mind around it yet. And I do know that I can add the threads if I un-thread the existing warp.

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    Syne Mitchell January 26, 2011 at 11:17 pm #

    Aren't blogs wonderful in the way they can turn weaving challenges into a conversation. :> I like your plan of solid borders, I think they'd give a nice frame to the towel. Of course, another fine option would simply to make a smaller towel.

    Happy Weaving!