Upcoming Show Promo Image Quandary

As I prepare for a couple of shows in April, I am working on some promotional images. The first show is a group show at Hangin Art Gallery and Cafe and opens on April 4. I will have 4 pieces–scarves/shawls and am trying out 1 image to show off all 4. So Here they are:

Hangin Art pieces 027 adjusted

1. Two hands and looking down


Hangin Art pieces 028

2. One hand and looking down


Hangin Art pieces 034 adjusted

3. No hands and looking away


Hangin Art pieces 037

4. No hands and looking in the other direction.


The scarves are woven of cotton (center), tencel (to the right), and cashmere (to the left). Chenille scarf is not pictured. I will send images once they are displayed.

Hangin Art pieces blog detail035

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    Gerri March 22, 2015 at 6:01 am #

    Two hands looking down! It is like she knows she has collected all this beauty and is holding it close, examining it again. Unlike gat she is involved with your lovely weaving.