Updates from Grace and Gary

The Grace Report: I’m weaving along on the Big Commission Panel #2. I expect to weave it off this weekend. I have some ideas for Panel #3. Notice my new shuttle. In case you haven’t read the history, this is a bamboo ikat warp with an un-knitted cashmere sweater weft. The blanket will be 90″x100″ and woven in 7 panels. I am attempting to weave this blanket without a net. The net in this case would be a clear plan or at least a sketch of some sort.

The Gary Report: One of the things I love about ikat is it’s so much fun to weave. Design appear as if by magic.
I get to experience the magic THREE times. The first time is when I am winding the warp back onto the warp beam. The second time is when I am weaving, and the third time is when I first cut it off the loom. Well FOUR times! The fourth is when I wrap the finished piece around myself. When I was weaving sticks and weeds, the fourth part wasn’t magical at all.
It is always comforting to be able to create order from chaos so easily.

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