Visit to a Consummate Complex Weaver

Following the presentation at the Central Coast Weavers, Sandra Rude whisked me away for an exciting visit to her studio.

It was amazing to see the marriage of computer, loom, and cloth so elegantly orchestrated by Sandra.

Although I rarely dabble in any weave structure more complicated than a simple twill, I have a deep appreciation for the ultimate in complex weaving done on a Jacquard Loom.

Many people don’t realize that the computer of today had it roots in the industrial revolution in the form of a huge incredibly noisy Jacquard Loom. Click to see an old Jacquard in action.

Mind-boggling, yes!
Boys and girls, you may not want to try this at home.

Because I have yet to figure out how to upload more than 5 pictures per post, (and I have tried all the suggestions folks have offered) come back tomorrow to see the amazing things that Sandra weaves on her loom. If you can’t wait, then check out her blog.

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    Jane's Addicted. February 27, 2012 at 2:51 am #

    Thanks for posting these- so interesting…